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The Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming holds a career talk for final-year students.


The Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming at Busitema University recently conducted an enlightening career discussion for our final year students, presenting useful insights regarding life beyond the transcript. This programme, spearheaded by Ms. Bilabwa Betty from the Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming, was aimed at widen students' horizons beyond their academic achievements by providing them with the tools they need to excel in life outside the university walls. The keynote speech by Prof. Denis Atibuni Zami, Associate Professor of Psychology at Busitema's Faculty of Science and Education, was the event's high point. Prof. Zami, with his wealth of knowledge and experience,advised our students to see their education as a stepping stone to a better future, emphasising the value of skills, passion, and determination. This professional seminar, themed "Life Beyond Transcript," was a watershed point in our students' academic path, inspiring them to follow their objectives and aspirations with a comprehensive vision that extended far beyond their academic achievements. Busitema University remains devoted to preparing our students for success not only in the classroom but also in the many opportunities that await them in the world beyond.



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